GWYN KORPI LLC, Freelance Artist and Designer

About Me

My Background


I am a freelance artist/designer/illustrator from Seattle, WA.  I began my artistic endeavors at a very young age and it continues to be my passion in life!  I graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle, which I attended on a half tuition scholarship from Scholastics for my fine art portfolio.

My Medium


I'm in love with many different mediums!  Depending on the project and what speaks to it,  I may use Oil, Watercolor, Pen & Ink, Acrylic, Pastel or any combination of them.   

For my design work I mostly use my sketchpad and the Adobe creative suite!

My Inspiration


The mountains are layers of blue torn paper or sometimes just a smokey haze of rainbow sherbet icecream.  A human face is a display of every variation of color, light and emotion imaginable with no two the same.  To attempt to express what I see and feel  in God's breathtaking creation around me is my inspiration as an artist!


* I can be commissioned to paint other subjects that are not listed here. Please contact me to discuss further.

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